Automate the production and assembly of plastic parts.

assembly of plastic parts

The need to increase productivity is accelerating the adoption of robotics by many companies in logistics and industrial processes. 

Despite having its own personality, the plastics industry is no stranger to the need to integrate intelligent productions that through the automation of processes allow to face with guarantees the challenges of the sector, such as the assembly of plastic parts.

Thanks to the adaptive capabilities offered by industrial robots, we now have the possibility of integrating automated applications for the extraction of parts from a mold and more efficient assembly.

Automates production and assembly of plastic crates

In the case of plastic crates, a robotics company called Probot with extensive experience in the industrial automation sector has developed the innovative Inyecbot system. 

This solution allows the extraction of the parts from the injection molding machine itself, positions the product, assembly of plastic parts of all the parts that make up the box, together with the flange or safety handle and its subsequent palletizing. 

Thanks to a highly optimized, compact, multi-robot design, it is capable of performing the entire process using an innovative cell in optimum production times.

To date, traditional methods have conditioned production in the face of an increase in demand, whether due to a lack of qualified personnel, sick leave, vacations, etc. The Inyecbot system developed by Probot allows you to adapt to the production needs of your customers without running the risk of breakage in the delivery of orders.

Automating the process of manufacturing and forming products regardless of format will increase your company’s competitiveness by integrating technologies associated with Industry 4.0. Thanks to the fact that this compact solution is integrated into a safety fence, we prevent workers from occupational accidents or injuries. 

Now operators can stop performing repetitive work and focus on tasks that bring more value to the company.

Another advantage of Inyecbot is that it works non-stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering a faster return on investment (ROI). Robotic technology will allow you to safely face the challenges faced by the assembly of plastic parts, increase the flexibility of your productions and guarantee your customers the highest level of quality of your products.