Useful tips for a sailing trip

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Embarking on a sailing trip is undoubtedly an unknown and surprising experience for many people. But before embarking you should know some safety measures and practical advice on Marinemax boats.

Tips for a sailing trip

If you have already decided to experience a unique sea voyage, you will need to know some details. Here we explain what life on board is like and what to bring for your next sailing trip.

Experience: It is not necessary to have any previous experience to be able to embark. The skipper of the boat is qualified to handle the boat by herself, although it will certainly be more fun if we do it together. If you feel like learning and collaborating in the navigation tasks, your help will be very useful and, besides, it will be more fun for everyone.

Watch on board: On long voyages it is customary to organize night watches so that everyone can get some rest. In any case, the crew is always alert. The watches are organized in such a way that there are always two people on deck. You will discover the magic of night sailing, under a sky that is difficult to observe from your home town.

Seasickness: If you have never sailed before, it is advisable to take an anti-seasickness pill, especially on the first day on a Marinemax boat. Afterwards, your body gets used to the movement and you probably won’t need it anymore.

Expenses not included: Normally a common fund is made to pay the expenses not included, which are food, moorings, fuel and final cleaning. This value will depend mainly on the group’s meal preferences (always cooking on board, dining out one day, etc.). 

Cabins: Usually there are three double cabins and also a bed in the saloon, where the skipper normally sleeps. Of course couples occupy the same cabin. If you are coming alone, we usually try to arrange cabins with people of the same sex.

Travelling alone: If you are worried about sailing alone, you will be surprised by the good atmosphere on board. The many crew members who have already sailed with us prove that the experience was worthwhile by repeating. Those who embark on a sailing experience like this are mostly open-minded people who are eager to share. 

Also, a trip on a Marinemax sailboat is a good opportunity to meet people who are looking forward to having a good time. Many lasting friendships have been initiated on board, which fills us with pride. Enjoy the experience of traveling alone on a sailboat.

Chores on board: Cooking and dishwashing chores are shared among everyone. Order is important for a good coexistence in a small space. However, if you opt for a trip with food and cooking included, these tasks will be in charge of the crew.

Medicines and first aid kit: The ship has a complete first aid kit. For your safety, it is important that you let us know before boarding if you take any medication or if you are allergic to any medication.

Cell phone coverage: There is no cell phone coverage far from the coast and in certain coves. If you are going to make a crossing it is better that your relatives know this detail so that they do not suffer.